Poetry and Mathematics

Earlier this year, I wrote an essay for the Thomas Campion Essay Prize held by Peterhouse College, Cambridge, and having been fortunate enough to be among 10 winners from over 200 entrants, I thought I'd share my thoughts on the blog... From a range of questions, I chose number four: In that poetry is always … Continue reading Poetry and Mathematics

Shakespeare and Determinism

Determinism has been a topic of literary fascination throughout the ages, from its role in Virgil’s Aeneid to Thomas Hardy’s novels. Shakespeare’s time was one when the free will debate was at its climax. Aquinas’ views on one side, Calvinist Theological Determinism on the other, the 16th Century was the era of many polemic publications … Continue reading Shakespeare and Determinism

Plato and Wilde on Justice

Plato’s The Republic, a cornerstone of Western philosophy, is a dialogue between Socrates and several other Athenians and concerns itself primarily with the concept of justice. Plato’ famous two-way analogy of the soul and the state was itself only created within the dialogue for the purpose of demonstrating that justice is preferable to injustice. Before … Continue reading Plato and Wilde on Justice