Lost and Found in Translation

Studying literature in Spanish, Latin, and English at A Level inevitably presents, at some point, the conundrum of translation. 'What makes a good translation?' is a question one in this position has to ask themself constantly; the classroom invariably demands enough fidelity to prove understanding, but enough liberty to provide fluidity. In walking this linguistic … Continue reading Lost and Found in Translation

Housman, Horace, and Metre

In Peter Parker's 2016 work Housman Country: Into the Heart of England, he includes, and subsequently returns to, an incredibly significant anecdote when it comes to unpacking the complex life of the classicist-poet A. E. Housman. Parker describes the event, quoting a description written by one of Housman's students: "Having dissected Horace's ode Diffugere nives, redeunt iam … Continue reading Housman, Horace, and Metre

Pastoral Poetry: Arcadia Through the Ages

This Blog post was originally written as an article for The Society of Classical Poets, which can be found here: http://classicalpoets.org/essay-pastoral-poetry-arcadia-through-the-ages/ “Come live with me and be my Love, And we will all the pleasures prove That hills and valleys, dale and field, And all the craggy mountains yield.” —Christopher Marlowe These fervent lines are some … Continue reading Pastoral Poetry: Arcadia Through the Ages